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(International Examination)

  • 1. Diploma in Patisserie Technique

    Course Content:

    • Safety, hygiene, kitchen maintenance
    • Costing and control
    • Prepare paste based products and desserts
    • Prepare and bake cake and sponge
    • Prepare meringue based products
    • Prepare gelatin set
    • Prepare egg set desserts
    • Prepare and bake chemically aerated products
    • Prepare and cook fruit base desserts
    • Prepare egg set desserts
    • Prepare and bake fermented products
    • Prepare and use creams, fillings and glazes
    • Prepare hot and cold sauces
    • Prepare and use decorative mediums
  • 2. Diploma in Culinary Art

    Course Content:

    • Knowledge of Work Safety
    • Knowledge of Work Hygiene
    • Management of Kitchen Cleanest
    • Food Preparation
    • Cooking Method
    • Cooking Theory
    • Operation Management
    • Pastry
    • Plate Decoration
    • Material & Food Preservation
    • Preparing Frozen Food
    • Menu Planning
    • Creating Personal Menu
    • Cost and Quality Control
    • Preparation of Fish & Shellfish
    • Preparation of Chicken & Poultry
    • Preparation of Lamb
    • Preparation of Beef


  • 3. Double Diploma in Food Preparation & Management

    Course Content:

    • Safety , Hygiene and Kitchen Maintenance
    • Food and Beverage Management Cost Control
    • Fundamental Cooking and Larder Operations
    • Food and Beverage Service
    • Western Cuisine
    • Asian Cuisine
    • Patisserie Technique
    • Restaurant Marketing and Business Operations


  • 4. Advanced Diploma in Food Preparation & Cookery Supervision

    Course Content:

    • Safety , Hygiene and Kitchen Maintenance
    • Supervise staff training
    • Food safety supervision for catering
    • Resource management in food preparation
    • Menu planning and costing
    • Global influences on eating and drinking
    • Supervise food production
    • Food Preparation and Cookery Supervision Principles
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Entry Requirements


  • Minimum admission age of 16
  • Passionate in Baking, Patisserie & Cooking

Course fees included: All ingredients and tools used in class.


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1. Interest Course

Sausage Bun, Butter cake, Cream puff, Flower shape Bun, Fruit Tartlets, Chiffon cakes, Cake breads, ........


2. Cake

Sponge, Butter, Chiffon, Mousse, Cheese, Continental, ....


3. Cookies

Flatbread, Cheese tart, Meringue, Ginger bread, ....


4. Bread Loaves & Varieties

Polo bun, Mexico bun, Assorted Danish,

Garlic bun, Pizza bun, ...


5. Mixed Varieties

Chiffon cake, Flower shape, Red bean,

Butter, Garlic bun, Tiramisu,

Cookies, Swiss roll, ....


Fees and Enrollment

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